by Mary Gindhart
The Grailruth_naomi

The hustle and bustle of getting to New York for CSW faded when I arrived at the Opening Worship organized by Ecumenical Women as the story of Ruth and Naomi was enacted.

This familiar story was being re-told as we gathered to prepare for two weeks of advocacy on the CSW theme: The Equal Sharing of Responsibilities between women and men, including caregiving in the context of HIV/AIDS.

My heart was touched, I thought of women all around the world struggling. I looked around at the women who were present. I saw the dance movements, I heard the spoken words and chants. I felt strength, support and calm that we could face the challenges of the next two weeks at the UN together.

The communion service was a corporate expression of our oneness in faith in Jesus Christ and commitment to a new covenant in which all are cared for, both the caregivers and those needing care, both the men and the women. Both the elderly and children. Both the black and white, the brown, yellow, blue and green.