For the first time ever, young adult women have organized themselves into a caucus for the 53rd session of UNCSW and beyond. Representing 8 NGOs, the group of 42 women and 1 man began meeting on Sunday March 1 at the Episcopal Church Center to discuss issues, partnerships and goals for the caucus over the next 2 weeks. Thee NGOs that were represented were:

  • The Episcopal Church/ACC
  • The National Council of Churches
  • World Student Christian Federation
  • World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts
  • World Council of Churches
  • Worldwide YWCA
  • Girl Scouts USA
  • Voices of Canadian Women for Peace

Jessica Hawkinson from the Presbyterian UN office facilitated and introductory exercise with the group, after which Kaburo Kobia from Worldwide YWCA and Bernadette Fischler from WAGGGS facilitated small group discussion on the theme and the oral statement to be made in plenary. The caucus will meet again on March 3 at 11:30am and March 4 at 1:00pm in Conference Room B.

Look for them. They are wearing lime green stickers and ribbons.