by Rev. Kathleen Stone, Chaplain, CCUN

Chapel Coats

On March 2nd, the east coast was pummeled with a snow storm. Still 120 women from around the world showed up in the Chapel at the Church center for the United Nations for Anglican led worship at 8:00 a.m! It was tremendous.

Part of our worship is dedicated every morning to the sharing of prayers for those women around the world who we represent. Those prayers are written on pieces of colored paper from around the world and are to be made into paper beads and sewn to Ruth’s dress in a participatory artwork commissioned by Ecumenical Women.

Boots in ChapelWell, we had other people to clothe this week! Delegates from around the world who come from warm climates definitely did not have the clothes they needed to wade through the cold deep snow of this season. Shivering from the cold, wet feet and underdressed top coats all around us, Ecumenical Women quickly moved into action. Salvation Army, a member of Ecumenical Women, determined to donate a truck load of coats, boots, hats, gloves, sweaters to the Chapel! And so, all day long delegates came from near and far to receive the miracle of loaves and fishes in coats and boots.