Groots International is a global network of grassroots women’s organizations.  Below are their demands of the CSW with regard to the priority theme.

The CSW focuses on sharing caregiving responsibility between women and men.  This is important. But first, we must value, scale up, and invest in what women are already doing.

Compensation is broader than just salaries and stipends!

  • Invest in infrastructure and livelihoods: basic services, food, transportation, improved health systems, community centers, security of land, housing and inheritance.
  • Allocate 40% of HIV/AIDS funds to community-led initiatives, including home-based care.
  • Support pilot projects on holistic ways to compensate caregiving, where caregivers control the resources.

Caregivers are organized and demonstrate collective voices!

  • Include home-based caregivers in decision-making positions, as representatives of their organizations from local to global levels.
  • Listen to Participatory Action Research: In the African-wide Home-based Caregivers Alliance, grassroots women are leading research counting their labor, resources, and time, also drawing their own conclusions.