Sunday, at the Young Adult Ecumenical Women meeting, we did a lot of different activities that prepared us for CSW.  The orientation was a great way to meet differnt kinds of people from all over the country.  The first thing we did was an icebreaker in small groups.  After the icebreaker we learned about the UN and the different things it does.

Next, we did a contextual Bible Study which was really cool!  We read the story about the Samaritan woman talking to Jesus at a well (John 4).  We read through the story as a group and then different people acted out the story.  Once this was finished we looked at the story from different angles.  Every time the word “husband” was written, we replaced it with the word “God.”  This was a really great way to look at the story from another angle.  We then broke into small groups and discussed the story with the “husband” and the word “God.”   We were also given a series of questions to discsuss in relation to the story.

After the contextual Bible Study, we started to plan the worship service we are doing Tuesday (Feb. 28) morning, and after that we visited the 9/11 memorial.  That was a great experience–even though it was sad, it was really cool to be at the memorial because it is such a huge part of the United States’ history.

Meredithe Mimlitz