There is such energy and passion in these hallways and rooms and on the sidewalks since we have all arrived to CSW last week…so now we ask…when we leave NYC…NOW WHAT?

Is there a coordinated effort across all NGOs whom attended this movement? What plans do you have for your own community? What issues hit you personally? For the Americans in the group, can we carry this momentum to DC in March for our Ecumenical Advocacy Days?

Well as a Communications Director for a smaller Presbytery (about 60 churches) in the Finger Lakes in NY…I am committed to bringing all of these topics, issues, and the energy back home to my communities. I am blessed to have a church in my Presbytery in Seneca Falls, NY–the birthplace of Women’s Rights in the US! Pastor Leah Ntuala of this church was here with me at CSW for the first week and we’ve spoke about several ideas and continuing this movement!

Just a few examples highlighting the Ecumenical Women Talking Points:

  1. Creating a back pack program for this summer tying in all of the interconnectiveness to hunger in rural areas that we have learned about and recognizing that children are going hungry or not getting adequate nutrition in our very own community.
  2. A March for Women in our communities! People will have to pay attention; it’s not every day in our communities you attend or see a traditional activist march happening.
  3. Giving attention to CEDAW and producing some action around it! For example running a postcard campaign in all of our churches.

A needed and continuous step: Share the Stories! In any and every way possible! Share your experience and the stories of the rural women we have heard from and will hear until we all go home. START THE MOVEMENT in your community!

Now What? What will you do when you get home? What will you share with your communities? And let’s support each other how we can!

In Christ, Rhonda Everdyke

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