Why am I alive?

Survivor of genocide asked this in a side event.

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Are you in the right place?  Do you have the passion, the leverage, the courage, the energy, and the anger to do this work?  Are you in the right place?

Ekiti State’s Governor’s wife at the sexual and reproductive health and rights of rural women, UNFPA side event

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With regards to rural women, it’s not always about empowering–but enhancing the skills they already have, giving them practive.

Leymah Gbowee

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If women had equal access to land extension services and agricultural inputs as men, the worldwide increase in food production would translate to 150 million fewer hungry people.

Cited in three different presentations

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Focus on the priority of relationships and faithful commitments to others.

Dr. Jill Hopkinson from the UK, speaking to Anglican women of the world quoted Luke Brotherton.