Uya-i mose tina mate

Come all you people, come
and praise your Maker

(Shona, language spoken in Zimbabwe).  We sang this song at the EW opening celebration.  The theme of women’s access to water, barriers to rural women.  We entered the chapel separated by our definitions we have, where we are from, what organization, etc., and we left as sisters, reminded that we are here to help our sisters.  Kathleen Stone created an inspiring, touching and meaningful experience.

*     *     *

There are many ways to kill a woman; one of them is not respect her traditional knowledge of agriculture.

Rose, Nicaragua

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The women on the ground know what to do.

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The obstacles of secondary education in Liberia/Ghana are that only primary education is free.  So they met with the government–if they were serious about education, make Junior High School free, which they did

Leymah Gbowee at meeting with Ecumenical Women

*     *     *

Approximately 63% of rural girls do not have a High School education.  Barriers to education are: poor or no roads; poor or no reliable transportation; the distance to school is too far and not a safe distance.  Also, there are no penalties for not sending kids to school

Eli Gushi, Kosovo Women’s Network