If you want to communicate something, you don’t use television or telegraph, you tell a woman.

B. Roy

*     *     *

 Traditional lifestyles do not necessarily mean oppressive ones.

Mari Sesabe

*     *     *

She was a most courageous mother–she believed her daughter.

Sr. Denise from Franciscans International in Presbyterian side event–speaking about a mother and daughter she knew in Zimbabwe.  The daughter had been raped by a man in the village with a lot of power, but her mother made all the difference in believing what her daughter told her.

*     *     *

Let me be the answer to someone else’s prayer!

Rosemary Williams at AWE speak-out with Kim Robey.

*     *     *

Nous commencer des choses de maniere bete ou simple mais apres peuvent devenir des choses constructives, porteuses de changement sociaux, politiques et economiques.

Mr. Gerhard, dans l’evenement parallel

[We start things in a stupid or simple way yet they can become constructive things,bring about social, political, and economic change.]

Mr. Gerhard, in the parallel event