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56th Commission on the Status of Women Agreed Conclusions Priority Positions – 27 February Draft

    • Ecumenical Women (EW) Disagrees with attempts to remove the word “gender”, because this word is a neutral word used in agreed language, CEDAW, and the Beijing Platform for Action. Failure to recognize this word could have negative effects on these historic agreements.
    • EW Disagrees with attempts to weaken the document around equal inheritance for women.
  • EW Agrees with efforts to include more language about the basic issues of rural women’s empowerment.
  • EW Agrees with efforts to include language about coastal rural people and fisheries.
  • EW is concerned that using words like “burden” and “drudgery” with respect to women’s unpaid care work imposes a lack of value to this work.  While we agree with the concept of lessening the burden, we also want to recognize the value of this work.

Para. 3:  “Israel TO ADD: Noting that poverty remains a massive and predominantly rural phenomenon…”

  • EW Disagrees with this addition, because we recognize that poverty is both rural and urban.

Para. 4: “Switzerland TO ADD: the widely spread land grabbing due to vast investments by foreign companies.”

  • EW Agrees with this addition from Switzerland.  Land grabbi
    ng is a major issue in rural areas, by both governments and major corporations and this language needs to be retained in the document.

Para. 6: “EU TO ADD: financial services, information,”

  • EW would like to further ADD: “financial institutions,” to this phrase, because rural women need access to institutions as well services.

Para. 8: (from Friday’s discussion) “Holy See TO ADD: consistent with national laws and development priorities with respect to religious and cultural priorities of member states.”

  • EW Disagrees with this addition, fearing that this language could be used by member states to ignore any agreed language that may be difficult to pursue.

Para. i): (original text) “… and build innovative partnerships, including public-private partnerships…”

  • EW would like to ADD: “and partnerships with civil society.”  The partnership with civil society is critical for effecting change in our communities.

Para. m): “[US TO ADD: energy production farming as a means to restore agricultural opportunities] commercial farming and entrepreneurship.”

  • EW Disagrees with this addition.  Production of energy crops reduces the availability of food on the market and increases its price.
  • EW would like to DELETE: “commercial.” Replace “commercial” with “income generating.”

Para: n): “US TO DELETE: and invest in rural women’s initiatives that promote sustainable agriculture and biodiversity.”

  • EW Disagrees with this deletion.  Sustainable agriculture and biodiversity are critical for ensuring food production and a healthy environment now and in the future.

Para. o): US TO DELETE: Para (o)

  • EW Disagrees with this deletion.  This is an important paragraph, which encourages investment in empowerment.
  • EW Agrees with the addition by Chile et al and would like to ADD: “and partnerships with civil society.”

Title C:  “Expanding access to resources, assets, employment, and services”

  • EW would like to ADD: “transportation” to the title.  Transportation is an important issue, which is not given the attention it needs in this document.
  • EW would like to ADDthe following agreed language:
    • Identify and address opportunities to achieve affordable, economically viable, socially acceptable, safe and environmentally sound transportation systems, so that rural women have transportation choices that improve access to better jobs, educational facilities, health care, markets, food and water.

(based on E/2011/29 para. 17 (a) and 12)