Sophy Kengoo is Study Secretary at the Women’s Desk of the Student Christian Movement of India and a delegate from the World Student Christian Federation.


We came to New York with lots of excitements and expectations. Excitements of going to a new place, meeting new friends and also excitement to tell our stories and also to listen to the stories of women from other parts of the world so that we can all together make a change.

Leading and participating in the Ecumenical Women morning worship on the first day of the United Nation Commission on the Status of Women was inspiring and challenging. Challenging because good news was proclaimed by all the people who are present there and not by men or single person alone like we do back home in India. People don’t have any reservation or fear of anyone but worship God freely with all their heart.

I salute the women who break the silence and have came out to to speak about the abuse and violence that was done to them by the US military. The short documentary that we saw brought me back to the present reality of the context of my country India.The same is happening within the Indian military and also because of the Armed Forces Special Power Act that is there in the North Eastern states and also in Jammu Kashmir, many women are experiencing the same thing. But the sad thing is we cannot question the paramilitary or we lose our life. So it is not a question of voicelessness but we are deliberately silenced or ignored. This 15 minutes documentary has really made a great impact on me today reminding me that we should not just sit back but time has really come for us to speak out to say ‘No’ enough is enough and we should start telling our stories so that our voice will be heard. And  I am very thankful to World Student Christian Federation and the Ecumenical Women for giving this platform to de- learn and de- construct so that we can re- learn and re- construct so bring social, cultural and structural changes in our society.