United Methodist Women

One of todays panels was, It Is Time To Act: Preventing Gender-Based Violence by Strongly Supporting Gender Equality and Mutual Respect among School-age Children, Boys and Girls. It Is Time to Act provided a panel of women who are trying to prevent gender based violence by speaking up and providing an outlet for youth today who are victims of GBV.

Sarah B. Aron of the Children’s AID Society of NYC, spoke about GBV in the US, especially NY and how the message of violence is still strong with todays youth. She mentioned that primary and secondary prevention programs need to run concurrently. Sarah stated that 9.4% of teens report being hit and/or slapped, and have reported experiencing physical violence. An important note she mentioned was that when teens are asked about the percentages of physical violence they answer 70-90%, which is higher than records show, but could allude that physical…

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