P1000168“The eyes of the world are on us.” – choir at CSW

“Global military spending- $1.7 trillion Is national security spending really protecting individual security?”

“It’s about cost and money! Convince lawmakers and regulators that passing laws to end violence against women and children will save money and resources.” – IWC representative

“Follow the light”

“I walk in the light of the Lord. You are the light of the world- Let your light shine.”

“I am on the Lord’s side. I will never give up. I am an overcomer. The Lord is on my side.”

“So tell your stories of healing.”

“Affirmation brings empowerment.”

“Women’s rights are human rights.”

“Life is a bowl of cheer- that is a mixture of laughter, tears and joy. You are born to die but yet God will embrace you at the doorway.”

“Sisters together, stand together”

“The feeling of the sense of community gives me the strength to be an activist for human rights and to commit myself to advocacy. This experience makes me strong and makes me grow not only spiritually.”

“All of those strong women working together from all over the world, that’s power and that’s hope!”

“If violence against women was considered as a standard for peace, no country would be considered peaceful.”