An excellent post from the Church of England delegation to CSW57.

C of E at the UN Commission on the Status of Women

The last few days have been mainly silent on how the negotiations have been going on attempting to reach agreed conclusions. The last version we have received is number 3 but that was on Tuesday morning (or was it Monday?). We are in a time of waiting, hoping and praying. Praying for positive agreed conclusions to come out of this Commission on the Status of Women. Hoping that ‘difficult texts’ will be negotiated positively and making a positive impact on women’s lives around the world. Waiting for government and UN staff to do the job they are skilled an trained to do. We have to wait and trust them having given feedback on what we would like to see.

In the midst of the silence and waiting are rumours, statements and articles. An article was circulated earlier in the week that was not exactly positive on reaching agreed conclusions. It was too early at…

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