“If a woman can cook so can a man because she doesn’t cook with her womb.”

“What stuck with me is the report that in Kazakhstan, a man is put in jail for 3 years when he rapes o violates a woman, but put in jail for 11 years when he steals a cow. How cheap women are considered! This has to stop!”

“Forgiveness is not words, it is ACTION!”

“If violence against women were a disease, they would have declared it a pandemic.”

A horrible quote from men in Egypt: “When Christian women and widows go into the square, they are raped. They asked for it.”

Thoughts for the CSW: “It is an enlightening experience, but I would be very grateful to see how Ecumenical Women are taking the raised awareness back home and not just finish at the base. We should consider ‘depth’ in all the work that we are doing.”