A presence on behalf of the Anglican Communion, representing the 38 member Provinces around the world to the United Nations (UN) and related bodies, the United Nations Anglican Observer’s office was established in the late 1980s and was accredited to the United Nations as a partner in Development, Disarmament, Freedom of Faith and Religion, and the Environment. Since 2001, it has focused more specifically on the UN Millennium Goals (MDGs). Since 2011, the Anglican Communion Office at the United Nations has reported directly to the Secretary General of the Anglican Communion in London. The office works to provide interpretation and communication back to the Provinces about the actions, concerns, programs and resources related to the United Nations. The ministry of the Anglican Communion Office at the United Nations is essentially to knock at the doors of the United Nations and of government missions on the concerns of the Anglican Communion. This requires both working in partnership with appropriate Non Government Organizations (NGOs) and UN agencies, yet at the same time gathering enough information to keep the Communion informed about United Nations initiatives.

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