2009 United Nations Commission on the Status of Women
2 – 13 March 2009

About CSW:

For more background information about CSW and how Ecumenical Women undertakes advocacy, please go to the Ecumenical Women’s About CSW section of the site. Here you will learn more about the history of CSW, how it functions and see some examples of Ecumenical Women’s work.

Advocacy Agenda 2009:

Ecumenical Women is preparing for a capacity-building training and orientation to prepare our delegation for CSW 2009. This training and orientation session will include information on the priority theme as well as practical tools for advocacy during CSW. With this orientation, we seek to enhance ecumenical  cooperation and coordination for advocacy, witness and accompaniment, and to strengthen our delegates’ participation in CSW. More information about this session will be posted soon!

Priority theme for CSW 2009 is: “The equal sharing of responsibilities between women and men, including caregiving in the context of HIV/AIDS.”

Ecumenical Women has prepared an advocacy statement that we have submitted to the United Nations and shared with governments. It is is based on the policies in place amongst the Members of Ecumenical Women. With these recommendations, we will work to influence the outcome of the Agreed Conclusions.  Download the CSW53 Advocacy Statement.

As a helpful background guide, Ecumenical Women’s advocacy coordinator has already written about the Expert Group Meeting: Caregiving in the Context of HIV and AIDS, which took place October 2008 as part of the preparatory process for CSW 2009.

View the 2009 Orientation Schedule.

View Ecumenical Women’s Parallel Events to the CSW.

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