The Theology Committee is currently compiling all of the information and resources that we gathered at the worship services and bible studies during CSW.

If you remember, the overall theme was what is described in the original Greek language of the New Testament as the basileia of God (cf. Luke 17: 20-21), the “other” world: a world of justice, peace and community, which will come and is already amidst us.

In many English bibles this is translated as “kingdom of God” But this is not the only way of translating basileia. And English is not the only language women and men communicate about basileiaTherefore, we continue ask you, after reflecting on the CSW: What comes into your mind when you hear basileia, or “kingdom of God” or another translation? Do you have any alternative idea? If so, why do you think it is more appropriate? What’s the word for basileia in your own language, if it is not English?

The Theology Committee also hosted a strategy group session as well, at the EW orientation.  In it, we spoke about a theological approach to Financing for Gender Equality. One of the members of the theology committee, Rev. Kathleen Stone, submitted this paper “Theology at risk” as a thought-provoking impulse. Please feel free to comment on that. What is your theological approach to Financing for Gender Equality?