Want to be more involved in Ecumenical Women and things going on at the United Nations? Here are some things you can do to stay active all year-round:

1) Educate Yourself!  Listed below are links to a number of resources that will help a beginner advocate become better versed in the concerns of Ecumenical Women.  From learning about the different organizations in the field to reading about what kind of skills an advocate might need, you’ll find a good place to start at the links below.

  • Skillsincludes tools and articles that one might use as beginner or an expert advocate
  • Websitesimportant sites on women, faith and human rights to help you network with organizations working for justice around the world. 

2) Send us your writing. We frequently update the resources posted on our website. If you have an article that you’ve written, and that you’d like for us to post, send it to us for review and we may put it on our website! For more information, contact Emily Davila or Catherine Bordeau (contact).

3) Have your women’s group host an informational gathering. The first step in advocacy is education! 

4) Write your official about the UN. One of the most effective, proven forms of advocacy is writing individualized letters to your representatives.  Be intentional and personal–your voice will be heard!

5) Come to CSWIt only comes once a year, but advocacy is most powerful when we all work together.  The Commission on the Status of Women is a great time to network, meet others who are working on justice issues, and work together to bring about change.