Ecumenical Women believes that justice is at the core of our faith. Being rooted in different Christian traditions sets us apart from other coalitions and non-profits working for gender equality. We seek to be a strong Christian voice speaking for the advancement of women and girls in the world, simultaneously working against the structures of gender discrimination that exist both outside and within our own faith institutions.  EW is a coalition seeking to have one foot in the “church” and one in the “world,” constantly straddling the borders between advocacy and theology.

To help women and men working for gender equality, Ecumenical Women provides the following resources that can easily be used in different contexts inside and outside the church.

The 3rd Edition of Ecumenical Women’s Guide to Advocacy – A guide provided to Ecumenical Women’s delegates to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). Provides history on the United Nations and the CSW, narratives on gender justice, and suggestions for continuing the work of the CSW back home in local communities.

Worship and Liturgy Liturgies, prayers, litanies, Bible studies, and academic articles which honor and uphold gender equality, social justice, and peace as a part of God’s world.

Background Papers – Theological and academic articles and researches on topics relating to faith, feminism and human rights.

Educational Resources – Toolkits, statements and other resources to conduct workshops and forums.