Beijing Platform for Action A landmark human rights declaration calling for an improvement in the status of women and girls.

Guide to Building Women of Faith Networks (2009): The Religions for Peace Global Women of Faith Network developed this guide to Building Women of Faith Networks, which affirms that women of faith draw deeply upon their reserves of agency, wisdom, and compassion to lead the world toward peace.

Exploring Solutions: How to Talk about HIV Prevention in the Church (2009): A comprehensive, practical guide for use in churches or faith communities on how to dialogue about the issues of HIV prevention. Aimed at introducing a dialogue process to bring difficult topics into the open in a safe, mutually respectful, and structured way. Created by the e-alliance.

The Last Week of Jesus, Last Year of King: Women in the Movement (2009), a bible study prepared by Onleilove Alston for The Poverty Initiative. This paper helps to explore the unique contribution of women to the life of the church. Together with theological reflections and practical guidelines, “The Last Weeks of Jesus” educates to built a movement to end poverty,  led by the poor.

Beijing Circles Resource Guide (2007): Beijing Circles is a group of circles that have been formed around the issues of the Beijing Platform for Action. The creation of  circles is a result of the attendance of AWE, Anglican Women’s Empowerment, at the Commission on the Status of Women. Beijing Circles are a tool which can help to educate about the issues affecting women globally and then to advocate within the church and the world to bring about positive change.

Gender Budgeting Toolkit. Uplifting Women, Men, and Children: by the Episcopal Church (en espanol)

Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery: A congregational resource packet to bring about God’s intent for our world through awareness raising and action